RD2L 2020 Team Review

Hey it’s RD2L’s newest pos5, Rogers. I had an enjoyable time playing RD2L. This year I had the privilege of being a part of “Sdik Etihw Sa Detnelat & Thgirb Sa Tsuj Era Ohw Sdik Roop” (Vuvu’s team). I joined PST on accident. I live in EST but next year I plan on playing in PST again.

I want to write a team review since I plan on returning to PST. In our first match playing together, 3 of my teammates built dagon. I loved their confidence. We quickly began throwing our games though but it was fun.


I’m thankful that Vuvu was my first Captain in RD2L. He was super chill. I feel like sometimes I would kind of screw the game and he was always willing to share the blame and talk about what “we” could have done better. I don’t like being targeted so this really helped me feel like an important part of the team. He’s also a meme god. RIP Joric.


Mr. Mains knew how to make the right decisions on when to fight. He was very calculated. Every time he said we lost, we did in fact lose. When he tilted he didn’t lash out at any of us. He usually just beat himself up. In CSL my Carry is convinced everything is my fault so I really like that about Chow. GG Mr. Coomer.


My favorite moment with Choco was hearing “Hey, I just canceled his salve. Everyone tip him.” Choco hard carried the early and mid game. Ten out of ten, would play with again.


Heelys was the comedic relief on the team. He’s a very funny person and I enjoyed being in discord calls with him. Value pick. Thanks for the games.

Thanks for reading and thank you team for the fun games. GG ❤

  • Rogers